Criminal Justice Policy Board

The Public Safety Grant Administration Office Criminal Justice Policy Board meets a minimum of four times a year to review and approve planning and grant funding recommendations from various advisory committees and the Steering Committee. In this fashion, the Criminal Justice Policy Board and Steering Committee ensure the strategic planning and coordination of all the aforementioned grant programs administered by the Public Safety Grant Administration Office as well as to develop criminal justice system policies and priorities.


  • George A. Zainyeh
    Chairperson, Citizen Member
  • Caitlin O'Connor
    Vice Chairperson, Grant and Research Specialist, Roger Williams University
  • Honorable Peter Neronha
    Rhode Island Attorney General
  • Collin Geiselman, Esq.
    Rhode Island Public Defender
  • Colonel Darnell Weaver
    Superintendent, Rhode Island State Police
  • Wayne T. Salisbury, Jr.
    Acting Director, Department of Corrections
  • Kimberly Merolla-Brito
    Acting Director, Department of Human Services
  • Richard Leclerc, MSW
    Director, Department of Behavioral Health, Development Disabilities & Hospitals
  • Michael Grey
    Chair, Board of Education
  • Ashley Deckert, MSW, MA
    Director, Department of Children, Youth & Families
  • Colonel Bradford Connor
    President, Rhode Island Police Chiefs' Association
  • Sidney Wordell
    Police Chief selected by RI Police Chiefs' Association
  • Staci Fischer
    Acting Director, Department of Health
  • Ernie Almonte
    Executive Director, Rhode Island League of Cities & Town
  • Honorable Paul A. Suttell
    Chief Justice, Rhode Island Supreme Court
  • Honorable Michael B. Forte
    Chief Judge, Rhode Island Family Court
  • Honorable Alice B. Gibney
    Presiding Justice, Rhode Island Superior Court
  • Honorable Jeanne E. LaFazia
    Chief Judge, Rhode Island District Court
  • Timothy McLaughlin
    Rhode Island State Fire Marshal
  • P.J. Fox
    Citizen Member
  • Deborah DeBare
    Citizen Member
  • Meko Lincoln
    Citizen Member
  • Vacant
    Community Service Organization
  • Vacant
    Community Service Organization
  • Toby Ayers, PhD
    Executive Director, Rhode Island for Community and Justice